English Literature Study Programme

Students Facilities

Multimedia Room

This multimedia classroom is equipped with the 65 inches LCD Smart TV. This smart TV is mainly used to support the teaching and learning process and to gain some online learning materials. This room can accommodate 20 students and one lecturer, and this room is used especially for the subjects such as Film Studies as well as Poetic Devices. Some students are having a film workshop led by the lecturer. This kind of film workshop is regularly scheduled as the extended discussion for the students who are interested in Film Studies since the subject is actually an elective one.
Language Laboratory

The room has a vital role in developing language skill such as speaking, listening, reading and writing.

The room is equipped with an audio-visual devices such as computers and headsets, the lecturer can easily monitor, listen, manage or even asses on every single student’s activity. As a part of learning teaching room, the laboratory is also equipped with projector, projector screen, internet access. The language laboratory also is used to conduct both TOEFL and TOAFL practices for student.
reading room
Reading Room

It has enough relevant references, textbooks, journals and encyclopedias, especially for doing research of undergraduate level. It is open from Sunday to Friday, from 7 am to 4 pm. It can reserve materials and archive the academic works. The room has more than 20 chairs and open space enough to accommodate 40 visitors in an instant. In addition to that, WIFI connection is available here that makes possible for the visitors to access digital references through their gadgets and some PC.
Hall Room

There are several events held in the hall, including graduation ceremony for the students. The programme also accomodate students organizations. Appointments of the student organizations can be taken place here. Students and lecturers can join together to conduct national or international seminars, and public lectures. There are also events for the The hall is representative to accomodate eighty attendants. This hall is equipped with speakers to provide clear audio, smart tv, wi-fi, chairs, running text display. There is smoke detector for emergency situation. It also has a stage, therefore, those who sit behind do not face difficulty in staring at the speaker(s) on the stage.
academic staff
Academic Staff Room

This room is located in the same building as the classrooms to ease the students to find their lecturers. The academic staff room is divided into cubicles which separate each academic staff to have a private working space. This cubicle is also labeled based on the name of the lecturer. This room can accomodate about 15 lecturers to work in their own cubicle. In this place, the lecturers usually prepare their course plans, have discussion with their colleagues, meet their students for having consultation and supervise their thesis writing.
Administrative Office

These counters are equipped with spacious, comfortable, and clean waiting room for the students. Each of the Faculty’s departments has one service counter, and this is the service counter of English Literature Department. The types of services provided in these counters include;
1. Registrations for research proposal examination,

2. Registrations for thesis examination,

3. Data entries for the Ministry of Education’s Higher Education Database (PD Dikti), and various other services.
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