English Literature Study Programme

Students Club

 Students can join some co-curricular activities directly supported by the HMJ, DEMA, ELSP, and Faculty.


Founded in 2009, Sastra Nyawana, or simply abbreviated as Sanyawana, is the oldest community in the English Literature Study Programme. Sanyawana was established as a medium to discuss literature and agrarian issues, taking up the topic of how students' concerns regarding nature through a literary perspective.

Eltra Theater

Eltra Theater is one of the communities in the ELSP that has been founded since November 4, 2018. Eltra Theater is the abbreviation of English Literature Trace Theater. This name is intended to convey that Eltra Theater is a community that is advancing in the field of acting and performing arts. Eltra aspires to portray an outstanding trace toward the society of English Literature, for UIN Bandung in general.

Forum Lilin Malam

Forum Lilin Malam or commonly abbreviated as FLM is one of the English Literature communities that concentrates on literature. Engaged in literary studies, writing, and active expression media, FLM was born on March 26 2014, although in reality it was extinguished and regenerated in October 2017.


Paduan Suara dan Nada, or more generally known as Paranada, is one of the communities in the English Literature Study Programme that is created as a space for students who have a passion and talent for singing. Without shutting down the possibilities, Paranada is also available for every student that wants to improve their passion for music.

Sabaris Djati

Sanggar Seni Sastra dan Bahasa Inggris (Sabaris) Djati is one of the communities in the English Literature Department of UIN SGD Bandung, that was founded on November 26th, 2016. Sabaris Djati is a medium for English Literature students to create and produce performing art alongside academic activities.


Sense is one of the communities in the English Literature Study Programme, founded on February 17th, 2018. This community was created based on the founders' concern regarding the absence of a place for students to learn about the English language itself, especially in speaking skills.


Visualite, or Visual Literature, is a community in the English Literature Department that focuses on photography, videography, and graphic design. Founded on March 1st, 2018, Visualite aims to accommodate students who have passions and hobbies in the field of digital art.


Elysium is a community in the English Literature study programme that was founded in 2017. This community stands as a supporter when English Literature students are on the match field. Formerly, Elysium was titled by Literature's Boys, for the supporters only consisted of male students.

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