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Sense is one of the communities in the English Literature Study Programme, established on February 17th, 2018. This community was created based on the founders’ concern regarding the absence of a place for students to learn about the English language itself, especially in speaking skills.

The organizational structure of Sense is divided into several divisions. There are Co-Board, Internal Board, External Affair, and Research Development. Sense, having more than 160 active members on average, is also available for students outside the English Literature Department and even outside of UIN Bandung.

The most prestigious project of Sense is S-Talk, which endows a discussion space for students, and every meeting requires them to use English throughout the whole conversation sequence.Sense also provides a Grammar Session program through Instagram.

The creativity and productivity of Sense’s members often get appreciation from the English Literature major for being the delegation for several competitions and events. The external activities of Sense are speech, poetry, drama, and debate contests.

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