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Mountaineer Communities

Created in 2009, Sastra Nyawana, or simply abbreviated as Sanyawana, is the oldest community in the English Literature Department. Sanyawana was established as a medium to discuss literature and agrarian issues, taking up the topic of how students’ concerns regarding nature through a literary perspective.

In the beginning, Sanyawana started as the output of the Literary Journalism course. One focus of Sanyawana activities is jaunting, where every member will write down their experience and make their text into literature. Besides that, Sanyawana also often conducts a discussion while holding a feast, known as ngaliwet.

Sanyawana community was originally titled Mahasiswa Pecinta Alam Gaib (MAPALAGA). The existence of Sanyawana is none other than increasing our awareness, as a student of English Literature major, that every one of us has the literary spirit in dealing with all aspects of life, including the consciousness of interacting with the surrounding environment.

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