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Sabaris Djati

Sabaris Djati

Performing Art Communities

Sanggar Seni Sastra dan Bahasa Inggris (Sabaris) Djati is one of the communities in the English Literature Department of UIN SGD Bandung, that was built on November 26th, 2016. Sabaris Djati is a medium for English Literature students to create and produce performing art alongside academic activities.

Sabaris Djati exists amidst the English Literature students above the ideas of Lili Awaludin, M.A., Head of Department thereat. There’s also Bunyamin Faisal, S.S., M.Pd., entrusted to be the mentor of this performing arts community.

With Sabaris Djati, students are expected to be capable of developing their creativity in order to discover their potential and talent, leading to advancement and growth.Together with Sabaris Djati’s purposes, students are also expected to be competent in continuing public service through Performing arts.

At the beginning of its establishment, Sabaris Djati soared to Greece in order to present several traditional dances and performances, such as Saman, Piring, Merak, Doger Kontrak, Kecak, Gilipang, Tari Giring-Giring, Papua, Pencak Silat, Angklung parade, and Sebuah Sendratari Hikayat Sunan Gunung Djati. The performance was shown in Patras and Anchialos.

More than performing in Greece, Sabaris Djati also frequently presents performing arts, from traditional to modern, on numerous stages. With 65 members overall, Sabaris Djati still exists and will always exist in the family of the English Literature Department. Every week, Sabaris Djati conducts regular practice for all of its members at Student Centre UIN Bandung.

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