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Forum Lilin Malam

Forum Lilin Malam

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Forum Lilin Malam or commonly abbreviated as FLM is one of the English Literature communities that concentrates on literature. Engaged in literary studies, writing, and active expression media, FLM was born on March 26 2014, although in reality it was extinguished and regenerated in October 2017.

FLM regularly holds discussions about the world of literature, public issues, and literary criticism materials as a way to foster self-motivation in reading and writing. The method developed by this community is ‘Diskufeksi’ (discussion, affection, creation), so that each member is required to study and create a literary work.

Fostered by Bunyamin Faisal, S.S., M.Pd., FLM has produced many talented writers who are competitive in various performances and competitions. About 20 active members are members of this community. Not only opening a discussion room within the department, FLM often expands its relations to various universities such as UPI, UNPAD, and ISBI.

The results of the ‘Diskufeksi’ held by FLM produced various types of products, such as books, films, or songs. In addition, there are FLM’s superior products in the media sector, where members’ works are packaged in a Pastoral Zine.

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