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Theater Communities

Eltra Theater is one of the communities in the English Literature major that has been created since November 4, 2018. Eltra Theater is the abbreviation of English Literature Trace Theater. This name is intended to convey that Eltra Theater is a community that is advancing in the field of acting and performing arts. Eltra aspires to portray an outstanding trace toward the society of English Literature, for UIN Bandung in general.

Eltra Theater is an applicable form of course subject Drama. The existence of Eltra Theater is none other than containing students’ aspirations and expressions, mainly in the acting sector. This community moves under the auspices of Lili Awaludin, MA., Bunyamin Faisal, S.S., M.Pd., and Yayan Katho. 

The continuous activities of Eltra Teather that consist of 20–30 members are script discussion, music discussion, artistic discussion, and weekly practice. Besides that, the members are also required to produce art, both in the form of scripts, reviews or critiques.

Year over year, Eltra Theater exhibited many of its creations, starting from theatrical plays, short movies, and even long movies. The most preeminent plays of Eltra Theater are Kapai-kapai (2019), Sukmaloka (2020), Petang di Taman (2021), and many more.

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