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Celebrated Maulid of Prophet PBUH, AEDS Presented Si Cepot

SI.UINSGD.AC.ID – In order to commemorate the birth of Muhammad PBUH, Association of English Department Student (AEDS) held an Islamic Big Day Webinar on Saturday, (23/10/2021). While done with the hybrid method, AEDS invited Ramdan Juniarsyah, a preacher who uses traditional performance as his media.

This activity aimed to celebrate Maulid of Prophet SAW in order to strengthen the English Literature Department family bond, extending students’ knowledge of Islam, increasing religious spirit, as well as a sense of caring among Muslims. Other than that, AEDS and students were expecting blessings on behalf of this I-BID event.

Moreover, AEDS invited a national qori’ah, Sahla Maharani, to attend the arrangement of that Maulid of Prophet PBUH celebration event. The event’s theme was “Emulate the attitude of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, in order to develop an honest and integrity personal.”

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