English Literature Study Programme

Ernoire: Developing  Entrepreneurship Skills of English Literature Department Students

SI.UINSGD.AC.ID – On Saturday (1/11/2022), Association of English Department Student (AEDS) created a brand named Ernoire as the actualization of students’ entrepreneurship. Besides increasing the internal budget of AEDS, Ernoire also gave knowledge and experience to its coordinator in managing entrepreneurship.

Among the merchandise that was sold by Ernoire were a tote bag and an official shirt of the English Literature Department. Not only that, but Ernoire also became a platform for students with entrepreneurial skills to promote their businesses.

Buruan Manglayang, a coffee brand, is one of the brands that collaborated with Ernoire. In this collaboration, Ernoire promoted Buruan Manglayang, which is owned by one of the English Literature students.

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