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POLITE: Recognizing Campus Life Through Podcast

SI.UINSGD.AC.ID – During 2020-2021 periode, Association of English Department Student (AEDS) released 3 episodes of Podcast of English Literature (POLITE). This podcast presents topics about campus introduction, aiming for listeners, especially English Literature Department students to be able to know more about the inside and outside of their college environment.

In the first episode, POLITE presented Siti Alawiyah, the leader of AEDS periode 2021-2020. In this episode, Siti Alawiyah shared her ups and downs in joining the organization. Guided by Syahrianu Kamil, she explained the detailed description of various AEDS activities.

Then in the second episode, Yuani Nur Dwi guided POLITE within the theme “Literature or Linguistics”. The guest stars of this episode were Dhika Arya dan Feisal Nugroho. They explained the advantages and disadvantages of specialization in literature and linguistics.

In the third episode, Yanu, Syahriyanu’s familiar name, returned and brought in one of a cool guest stars, Rudi Kafil. This time POLITE lifted “English Literature Anniversary, How is it fun?” as its theme. Rudi said that 2022’s English Literature Anniversary was impressive as it felt the same as breathing fresh air after a long pandemic.

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